4 Quick Reads To Make Your Wedding Fun

When asked what is important about your wedding reception? 80 percent of the brides that i speak with will say they want their wedding reception to be “Fun”.

On of the biggest parts of the having a fun wedding reception will be to find an amazing DJ.  But besides going big on your Wedding DJ, how else can you make your

Wedding Reception Floor Plans  – Martha Stewart

Hawaii DJ Troy Michael First DanceI am NOT that biggest fan of Martha Stewart or her wedding site as i find her site to be way to advertisement heavy.  But this article about floorplans is on point.   I have pushed several these wedding floor plan tips for years.  Sound simple but yet many weddings venues & coordinators often don’t get this.   Trust me on this one, small changes in the floor plan does make a difference!  

 10 Ways To Make Sure Your Wedding isn’t Boring – The Knot

Don’t want your guest Yawning at your wedding reception?    Here 1o quick and easy tips from The Knots Sean Cunningham.   My Favorite here is #10 Relax…Seriously.

What is the biggest Wedding Etiquette Don’t? 

Did i say I love Colin Cowie?  Not only does he produce the most amazing over the top looking events but he also  knows how to make them flow.     This is short and simple but sadly so many wedding get this wrong.

Need more information on how these tips can relate to your wedding reception visions and venue location?  Give me a call I would be happy to share my personal experiences and insight with you.

5 Wedding Blogs to follow in 2016.

5 Wedding Blogs Brides should follow in 2016

These days you will find thousands of wedding websites and blogs packed full of wedding information and wedding advice.    Most brides tend to follow the larger, more popular sites like Wedding Wire, The Knot & Martha Stewart Weddings.   These sites are great but what other sites are worthy of your view?   Here are 5 sites that I recommend you check out as you plan your Hawaii wedding.

1. Off Beat Bride

Off Beat Bride has to be one of the most entertaining wedding sites that I follow.  This site is very crazy, odd and different but in the cool kinda way.  Think Purple Hair, Tattoos, & Black Wedding Dresses.  What I love about Off beat Brides is that their featured weddings are alway so very different. They also seem to very very real feel to them.   Your entire wedding may not be off beat like the ones on Off Beat Bride but a few small non traditional ideas could take your wedding from good to great. @OffBeatBride

2. Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is an all around awesome site with great resources and featured weddings.  I love this site because they host a great Destination Wedding Sections which is always updated with Hawaii Destination Weddings.  These wedding are often put together buy some of Hawaii’s Top Wedding Professionals that I often work with.  @StyleMePretty

3. Fly Away Brides

Flyaway Brides is site dedicated specifically to Destination weddings.   Much of their featured weddings are in international locations such as Italy,  France, Ibiza, & Bali.  You may not be getting married out of country but a glimpse of what is going on outside of Hawaii could provide some great inspiration and ideas. @FlyAwayBrides

4. Celebrity  Bride Guide

Want to know what you favorite celebrities are doing at their weddings.  The celebrity Bride Guide does an an awesome job in sharing the details of these often over the top and trend setting weddings. @CelebrityBrideGuide

5. Nouba

Nouba is an Australian Wedding website.  Why do i follow an Aussie wedding site?  Australian couples really know how to have crazy wild fun but yet still seem to keep in classy.

Bonus:  The Plunge

The Plunge is a bonus site.  Brides please share this with the guys,  you know they need all the help they can get.  @ThePlunge





What is the Difference between Budget DJs vs Higher Priced DJs?

If music is a priority for your wedding GO BIG OR GO HOME

Hawaii DJ Budget Bride

Many couple struggle with trying to figure out how much to budget for a wedding DJ. What are the differences?   If your trying to figure this out than the video in this post from SH Weddings Youtube Channel is a Must See.

The video highlights the real life experiences of a professional wedding coordinator on what its like to work with a high-end DJ service vs. one that’s much more budget friendly.   I agree with many of the points she makes.  My favorite quote is “If music is a priority for your wedding GO BIG OR GO HOME with DJ services”.  

When asked what important about your reception many couples will often say “we want the reception to be fun” “we want everyone to have a great time”, or “we want to have an amazing dance party”.

Ask your self what important to you about your wedding? Plan and budget accordingly.  Your DJ will play a critical role in on your wedding day.

Points made in the video:

Budget DJs

  • Unprofessional.
  • Show up late.
  • Not prepared.
  • Often hard to reach.

Higher Priced DJs

  • Play great music and keep the dance floor FULL!
  • Very Professional.
  • Show up on time or early.
  • Well Prepared
  • Beat mix music with smooth transitions between songs.

Another avenue for resources on DJ budgets would be other vendors you are currently working with.  Ask your photographer, Wedding Coordinator, Venue manager, or Caterer on their experience working with different DJs and who they recommend and why.  Likely you will find that most Hawaii wedding professional will not recommend a budget DJ.

More Resources on Hawaii DJ Pricing





For more wedding planning tips and advice from  SH Weddings see their  youtube channel at: SH Weddings Wedding Advice & Ideas

For a quote and more information  on Hawaii DJ Troy Michael please call 808.256.2003 or Check Availability.

Hawaii DJ Pricing

Hawaii DJ Pricing

Tips on Hiring the Perfect DJ  (as seen in Hawaii Bride & Groom Wedding Style Magazine)


Your DJ will play a critical role in insuring the overall success of your reception and will be a key factor in setting the right atmosphere for your once in a life time event.

A common misconception is that that all DJs do the same thing. DJs have their own specialty, style, music & level of professionalism. When looking for a DJ, start by looking for one that specializes in weddings.  A DJ that performs for clubs, radios stations, or proms may not be prepared to handle the formalities of a wedding.

Make sure the DJ you are talking with will be the actual DJ performing at your reception. Many DJ companies book multiple events on the same night & sub:contract a multitude of DJs with varying levels of skill. Be careful of “bait & switch tactics”. Avoid any last minute surprises by making sure you evaluate the individual DJ & not just the DJ Company
Experience is essential. Avoid hiring a discount DJ that lacks experience to save money. An experienced wedding DJ will do much more than just play music. Ask the about their experience in weddings, how they insure the success of your reception, & what makes them unique. Get to know their style & approach to make sure it fits what you want for your wedding.

Reviews. Any skilled wedding DJ should be able to provide you with list of client references or reviews. A reference list will tell you how frequent the DJ is performing; the type of event the DJ performs for as well the venues the DJ frequents. Be sure to call & verify the references & ask about the DJ’s style & professionalism. Make sure the references are for the actual DJ you are working with not just for the DJ company.
Professional Affiliations. The most professional of wedding DJs will belong to wedding, catering & entertainment Trade organizations. This displays the DJs willingness to constantly improve, & network with other wedding professionals. Organizations will have strict code of conduct with high standards in work ethics and professionalism.

Always get a contract. The contract should indicate the specific DJ you have chosen along with the agreed performance date, times and fees. Read the contract carefully and understand cancellation policies, payment procedures and all fees.

Top Hawaii DJs often get booked from 6 to 18 months in advance, so start looking early in your planning process. It’s your day and you will want it to be fun, refined, and personalized. Make sure you are completely confident and comfortable with the DJ that you hire so you can enjoy a fun and stress free celebration.

For information on Budget Djs Vs Higher Priced DJs See:https://www.djtroymichael.com/budget-djs-vs-higher-priced-djs/